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PredictionStrike is a fantasy sports stock market that lets users buy and sell "shares" of virtual athletes. The share price moves based upon how the athlete performs in game. If the athlete beats their fantasy expectation the share price increases and if they miss their fantasy expectatio

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Deven Hurt

Hi everyone. My name is Deven. I graduated from Harvard in 2018 with a degree in bioengineering. While in school I worked on a bunch of startups and other small coding projects. I've been working on my current startup, PredictionStrike (more on that below), for about 2 years now as just a website. We spent a lot of this summer working on the app and it will be the first app I've ever released to the app store. My app is PredictionStrike. PredictionStrike is a fantasy sports stock market. We built PredictionStrike to give sports fans a way to turn their sports knowledge into an investment. Imagine if you had stock in LeBron James as a rookie? If you know how much that would be worth now, you get why you should be on PredictionStrike.