Retro Music Player

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Retro brings back the magic of having full control over your music––inspired by the design of the iPod. Why would we want that? I don’t know, but nostalgia hits different and there's harmony in it. We’ve been spoiled with Spotify/Apple Music. Being able to have all your songs in one place

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Sakun Acharige

Hey guys! I'm 19 and I'm currently majoring in CS. I've had a knack for building stuff through spontaneous ideas for years. But if I'm being honest, hardly any of them see the light as they get stored in a vault of side projects that I've gotten bored of working on after about 2 days. A couple of my projects have surprisingly done well though. One of them––a speed reading tool that ended up getting featured on ProductHunt as well as in Gizmodo/Lifehacker. It even went viral on Reddit accumulating over 120k users somehow. I currently run which is a platform for sharing side projects (quite fitting imo) and as of 2 months ago I've been working on building Retro which is an app that lets you relive the iPod classic in the form of an iOS (and soon-to-be) Android app.