Musician's NOTEbook

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Musician's NOTEbook is a simple fingering chart app for any musician. It adapts to the many use-cases a musician has for the average fingering chart. Whether you need to find out how to play a specific note, learn alternate fingerings for a specific note, or view all the fingerings in a co

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Matt Free

A current high school senior into Apple Development I have always enjoyed the idea of coding. When my friend really got into iOS development, I had not coded in a while since I had finished AP Computer Science the previous school year, and wanted to do something with my coding passion. I began to dive deeply into Swift and Xcode. I joined newsletters, listened to podcasts, followed tutorials, and read articles. I entered the 2020 Student Swift Challenge by Apple, and made a project I was truly proud of. When I didn't win, I was devastated, so I gave myself the goal of publishing an app on the App Store. Musician's NOTEbook is that app. The first beta was written in a week. It is completely designed by me in Figma, and all of the fingering data is curated by me. I want to help people have fun playing an instrument, like I do, and wanted one place to give everyone the opportunity to find what they need. This project I have huge plans for, and have been polling people I know for what they would want me to do. I am truly proud of this and hope to continue to grow in Apple Development into college.